Heal the Inner Prostitute and learn to TRUST

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Selling your soul for safety – The archetype of the Prostitute refers not to the sexual prostitute but to the spiritual prostitute we can all be when we sell our souls for safety and security. I get this a lot with people. They feel that this is the career they want to have, the relationship they want to be in, the country they want to live in, etc., but they can’t bring themselves to leave their jobs or their spouses, or they feel they’re not good enough to learn this thing or take that course.

Why do we sell out? – So how exactly does that happen? What makes us sell our souls and give up on our dreams so we can be ‘safe’? We’ve all had times when we felt, ‘My heart wants to do this, but I’m afraid that if I leave my job, I won’t have any money’, or ‘I’m in love with someone else, but if I leave my husband, I might not have all the things I have now – so I guess I’ll just stay with him, even though I don’t love him anymore.’ There are also times when you’ve just had an amazing healing experience and grasped some new insight. You say to yourself, ‘Yeah, that was the issue – now I understand.’ Then you go out into the real world, and you’re faced with a test. The same situation presents itself, and you have the choice to either do what you’ve always done because it’s safe or to use the new awareness you’ve gained from the amazing healing you just experienced. The thing to realise is that nobody is testing you. You are testing yourself, and you can make the choice to move with this new awareness.