Heal the voice of the Saboteur and learn to be in your POWER

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Connecting with the right voice – We are going to connect with the energy of the Saboteur, what that means and how we can deal with it when it presents itself in our lives. We all have that voice that tells us we should exercise or we should eat healthy, we should go to bed early or we shouldn’t be with certain kinds of people, or we should do this or we should do that. What we need, though, is to learn to distinguish the voice of the heart – the voice of who we really are – from the voice of fear. Usually, when we listen to the voice of fear, we hear it in our heads, and it’s accompanied by a lot of confusion. But when we listen to the voice of the heart, we hear it in our hearts and we feel at ease, or we feel, for example, that we definitely shouldn’t be somewhere or that, yes, we definitely should be there. Then there is the voice of the hara or the womb – that core sense of empowerment, of really being in the right place. So there are a lot of voices happening at any one moment.

Enter the Saboteur – The sabotage occurs when the womb says, ‘Yes, you should take the path of empowerment, and to do that, the next step is to start a course or change your friends’ – or whatever it is. The heart goes, ‘OK that feels right. I can be happy there – I can be at ease there.’ And the higher mind knows intellectually that that is the right path to follow.

So then the Saboteur comes and says: ‘Aaahh, no, you’re not that bad off … You know what I mean? Your husband may beat you, but I’m sure it could be worse. You’re OK where you are. Why would you go out into the unknown? Stay where you are – at least, you’re in control where you are, and you know what to expect.’

So when that voice enters in, and when you’re not connecting with it, the heart contracts and says, ‘Oh my God, oh my God! I’m afraid to move forward … What if I leave my husband? I might not be OK … I might have to live on the street …’ Then you feel disempowered, and the voice of the heart has lost its centre and goes nowhere.